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BIB NUMBERS: Race bibs MUST be put on the FRONT of the child (Not the back). Please fill out the childs' name and gender on the provided boxes.

PARENT/GUARDIAN ON COURSE: Parents are NOT allowed on the course. They will be allowed to follow from the side, outside the marked course. Parents are NOT allowed to get in or on top any of the obstacles. They may give their children assistance if help is not available but not carry them through any obstacles. Just keep them safe. Each obstacle will have course volunteers assisting the best they can. 

OBSTACLE PENALTY: If a child cannot complete an obstacle after 2 attempts, they will be required to do 10 jumping jacks as a penalty (each obstacle not able to complete). If Child skips obstacle without the minimum 2 attempts, and /or does not complete penalty 10 jumping jacks, they will not be eligible for awards. 8-9yr Solo, 10-11yr Solo will do Burpees instead of Jumping Jacks.

AWARDS: Awards will be given to the first 3 boys and first 3 girls who cross the finish line in their age group. Timing system will not be used. An original, copy, or photograph of an ID or birth certificate will be required to verify age of child to be eligible for awards if not pre-checked at packet pickup.

*Cheating will not be tolerated. All participants must attempt every obstacle twice before proceeding to penalty exercise. Parents, please register your child in the correct age group. You WILL be caught and disqualified and maybe not allowed to come back.
If your child is older than 11yrs, our adult race TRENCH™ CHALLENGE in September will allow for him/her to participate if registered together with an adult.

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