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Race Results

The results below are based on information provided by a hired group affiliated with Guam Track & Field. Due to incomprehensive data for finish times in the 8-9yr, 6-7yr, and 4-5yr age divisions, the top 3 overall finishers could not be determined and the Trench Events team have decided to move forward and award top 3 in every heat / start time (based on captured information of finishers and start times received) with certificates and additional prizes collected from sponsors. We apologize for taking this long to sort this out. We will no longer be utilizing this groups services and cannot entertain anymore inquiries regarding time or placement as this is the only information our organization was provided with and this timing team refuses to respond.

Awards will be available for pickup only for a limited time only.

Location: Hafaloha in Tumon 11am - 9pm

Availability: Saturday 5/5/18 - Sunday 5/13/18

(Note: GoPlay FREE play certificates awarded for 1st & 2nd place expire 6/30/18)


It’s our desire to ensure our children, along with yours, remain motivated, eager to engage in outdoor, physical activities, and continue to support our local non-profit organizations.  We have already begun to take steps in assuring a competent method of recording times and placement for future events is established and we hope to see all of your there. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we thank all of our little finishers for the amazing jobs they did in competing in Trench Kids 2018. 

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